Yes, but no: The Hunger Games.

A fandom specific version of the popular Yes, but no tumblr

You may submit a...
Yes, but no
No, but yes
Yes, but yes
No, but no

You may not submit...
a yes but no comparing THG to any other series.
a yes but no claiming others are "bad fans"
a yes but no insulting a Hunger Games blogger

Very important notice:
Do not look at this tumblr if you have not finished the series

Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favour.

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    what? Rue and Cato? 12 and 18? what on earth? what the….how….why……what? O.O o.O
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    I really hate when people reject other people’s opinions, if you are voicing yours, then others have the right to voice...
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    I’m gonna say I know everyone will probably freak the fuck out about this one but I personally don’t think it’s that...
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